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Founded by the Nigeria-native Oluwatomi Aduke Adesiyan, Aladukeh is a distinguished unisex fashion brand dedicated to crafting timeless attire. Since its establishment in 2017, the brand has ceaselessly sourced inspiration from a plethora of avenues, adeptly transforming artistic visions into fashion realities. With a profound mastery of diverse design techniques, Aladukeh seamlessly melds the quintessence of African culture into its creations.

Born on April 13, 1987, and nurtured in Lagos, Nigeria, by her parents alongside her two siblings, Oluwatomi, fondly known as “Aladukeh,” discovered her penchant for fashion and creativity at an early age. However, her formal journey into the fashion realm commenced post her acquisition of a degree in computer science. Initially, her love for African-inspired apparel led her to create illustrations for local seamstresses. Eventually, her passion steered her towards formal training in design, initially for personal fulfillment. Yet, as individuals began admiring and desiring her creations, the transition to designing for a broader audience was a natural progression, culminating in the establishment of her brand.

Oluwatomi has earned laudable recognition, epitomized by the Yoruba accolade “Ojumokanarakan,” translating to “Extraordinary Everyday.” In the span of over five years since its inception, Aladukeh has ascended as a preeminent Nigerian brand, with its reputation transcending the nation’s borders. The brand is a harmonious blend of meticulous craftsmanship, versatility, impeccable detailing, and originality. Upholding African heritage through fashion, Aladukeh caters predominantly to women of color, yet its appeal extends to a diverse racial demographic.

Operating from Lagos, Aladukeh has crafted seamless conduits to connect with women globally, offering gratifying services regardless of geographical barriers. Aduke subscribes to the philosophy that fashion can be a mirror to one’s personality. Thus, Aladukeh’s creations are envisioned to accentuate beauty and unveil, rather than mask, the authentic essence of an individual.





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Phone – +2348038421746

Address – No 15, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

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